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Second Line Brewery

Website (2015)

Website (2014)

The Second Line Brewery website was created using PSD and JPG guides for the design and is the first large-scale site I coded. The site is built using Bootstrap as a framework, though with some custom CSS code to handle some design challenges.

Navigation was a challenge. The clients wanted to use the fleur de lies icons between each word on the menu bar. Though easy to code for desktop systems, I had to figure out how to keep the icons from appearing in the drop-down menu when viewed on a smaller screen. Contents also needed to be slightly rearranged based on user needs when viewing the site on mobile device.

The site was redesigned twice in 2015; once as a static site, next as a WordPress Site. Development stopped in early 2016 at request of clients.

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Veterans Empowerment Services

Website (2014)

The Veterans Empowerment Services site was built as part of a re-design project for my LIS 7008 course while enrolled at LSU. I worked as a front-end developer on a team of three members. Design was guided by VES’s owner and numerous course requirements, such as number of pages required for the site and a short time period for design and implementation.

This was my first attempt at building a website using Bootstrap. Although the site did not turn out as hoped, it was a learning experience all the same. It required numerous meetings with the organization’s owner for design input and up-to-date content. Other considerations needed to be made, such as changing the site’s host to allow for a custom site and ensure the site was easy to update considering the owner’s limited experience with HTML. This required the need to create templates for future updates and a website manual, which I wrote while building the site.

Survivor Screen 1


Website (2014)

Survivor was filmed between 2013 - 2014 by a small team of Baton Rouge Community College faculty. As part of the crew, I saw the film through most of its development, from storyboards to post-production. Though I was primarily in charge of pre- and post-production, primarily Art Direction, I took every opportunity to step in whenever help was needed in other departments, such as camera op, electrical, and special effects. Eagle-eyed viewers can even catch me in a cameo as a non-surivivor early in the film.

The film was awarded a Louisiana Film Grant by Louisiana Economic Development in 2013 and was nominated for "Best Narrative Short Sci-Fi" at the 2014 Bare Bones International Film Festival.